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                          Reentry Background Issues

The Bureau of Justice Assistance reported at the end of 2016 there were more than 2.1 million individuals incarcerated in the United States (Bureau of Justice Assistance [BJA], 2018).  Ninety-five percent of these individuals return to their communities unable to live productive lives because of unaddressed challenges to help them transition from prison to home.

                          Life After Incarceration

ARI Works is grounded in the belief that with proper assistance formerly incarcerated individuals can create a positive pathway to better themselves with comprehensive services to meet their needs to transition successfully, such as education, career training, apprenticeship programs, and technology, which leads to entrepreneurship.

  • Evidence-based prevention

  • Cognitive processing

  • Life skills/interpersonal/soft skills

  • GED/HiSET tutoring

  • Financial & Computer training


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